The images here are the work of many different photographers and were gathered using personal ineffable criteria. Collaging the pictures increases opportunities for enjoyment and study; I view the results as collaborated arcadian pictures and seed verses for artistic thinking.

Most of the architectural photography is collected from the website of the Historic American Buildings Survey at the Library of Congress. Almost all of the pictures of people are retrieved from thrift store bins, and the astronomic photographs are gleaned from the public domain. Colored landscapes are upcycled from Real Estate websites. Some images are culled from the tv screen or made at home with an SLR camera. A few are kaleidescope and smartphone.  A caveat, queer cowboy art demands a particle of nudity. If nudity distracts you, this is none of my business.

Often photographs will show honest wear or signs of hasty handling in the darkroom, and I do  digitally dust and crop the images. The aim is legibility and luminosity; but in some cases you’ll find imperfections as they lay from the hands of the photographers who printed them or from the hand of time itself.

I offer this cabinet with a minimum of interference. All entries are expandable with a click of your mouse.

Thanks to the Historic American Buildings Survey. Thanks to the teams at the NASA/JPL/SpaceScienceInstitute and the University of Arizona’s Planetary Sciences Institute.